Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality. It is the generosity of people like you that allow us to continue keeping homeless families together. Below you’ll find a brief description of the process of becoming a DDHH volunteer, and then some short descriptions of the various jobs available. In addition, we are happy to sign student community service forms or other forms of service documentation. Just ask!

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Application form below.
  2. That’s it! We’ll enter you into our volunteer database and contact you when opportunities arise that match your selected interests. If you can’t make it, no big deal! We’ll leave you on our list and ask the next time. If at any time you wish to remove yourself from the list or change your volunteer activities or availability, just email us at
  3. If you’re interested in a regular, repeating volunteer opportunity, check out our Sundays at Six Prayer and Dessert or Monday Night Meal (, both of which happen weekly.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Job Descriptions

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  • House maintenance – specific tasks may vary with our needs, but generally includes such tasks as plumbing, electrical work, painting walls, HVAC, and other general maintenance.
  • Cooking / bringing prepared meals – most often the Monday night dinner or Sunday night dessert, but will occasionally be asked to contribute in other ways. Please confirm the number of participants and check for allergies within the House before bringing your meals.
  • Cleaning –includes wiping down blinds, ceiling fan, baseboards, furniture, sink, toilet, windows, removing wall marks, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, disposing of broken toys / movies / other items, replacing lightbulbs, and other general cleaning tasks.
  • Painting / repairing furniture – can be done on-site or in your own home
  • Assisting with fundraisers – both publicity and serving during our fundraising events (specific job descriptions will vary with the needs of each event).
  • Childcare – Involves supervising a child or children for a predetermined period of time. Must be 16 or older.
  • Sorting donations – Will often take place in the basement of the Dorothy Day House but sometimes will occur in one of our storage unit. May sometimes involve heavy lifting, but oftentimes does not.
  • Tutoring – students may vary from school-age children to adults being tutored for their GED. Subjects vary as well.
  • Moving furniture – Usually involves helping a family furnish their new residence upon moving out of the Dorothy Day House. Occasionally volunteers will transport donated furniture / appliances to one of our storage units. Will often involve heavy lifting. Volunteers with trucks or large SUV’s especially needed! Children under 13 must have an adult accompanying them.
  • Yard Work – includes pruning, raking, cleaning flower beds and boxes, mulching, hosing down outside windows, cutting grass, and disposing of all yard trash.
  • Car Maintenance - servicing cars or teaching parents how to maintain cars
  • Transportation – involves helping our families get around, whether driving children to / from school, or transporting parents to job interviews. Must be 21 or older with valid driver’s license and insurance.