Rules for the

2018 Battle for the Paddle
Jambalaya Cookoff

*** A printed and signed copy of these rules will need to be brought with your team the day of the event.***

As Head Cook, I acknowledge the following for my team:
• I desire that my team participate in the 2018 Battle for the Paddle Jambalaya Cook-Off. 
• I acknowledge that I am the team captain/head cook.
• I acknowledge that our team’s participation in this event is voluntary.
• I acknowledge and verify that I am of legal age.
• It is understood that the event may present some risk to participants.
• Our team and individual members participating on our team will hold harmless the sponsor and all associates/staff/vendors associated with the sponsor from and for any and all injuries, damages and/or costs that we may incur as a result of this event.
• I understand that I am responsible for the actions, attire and behavior of my team members during this event.
• We understand and agree that both still and video photography may be taken during the event including, but not limited to, the event in which we choose to participate.
• We understand and agree that all or any portion of such festival pictures/ videos are the sole property of the event organizers and sponsors and we authorize the use of such pictures and videos for any legal purpose as the organizers and/or sponsor may deem appropriate.
• We understand and agree that we will not receive any compensation for such event pictures or videos.
• We do not authorize any person or entity other than sponsor/organizers/media and/or their employees/ agents to release any event pictures or videos in which we may appear to any other persons/organizations.


1. Jambalaya is considered to be a Cajun dish of rice with a variety of seafood, meats, vegetables, and spices. We are judging primarily on taste, aroma, and texture. 

2. Pre-cooked ingredients are not allowed prior to arrival, check-in, receipt of team number and setup of team cook space. Exceptions are canned tomato products and frozen or canned vegetables.

3. Actual cooking period will be a minimum of two (2) hours, maximum of four (4) hours.

4. There will be a mandatory Cook’s Meeting and attendance is required for each team captain OR head cook. At that time, final instructions will be given by the Jambalaya Cook-Off Manager.
*A signed copy of these rules must be presented the day of the cook-off.*

5. Teams will be permitted to set up their equipment, supplies, decorations, etc. anytime AFTER SIGN-IN at 8:00 a.m. or BEFORE 10:00 a.m. the morning of the event. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM TENT AREA IMMEDIATELY AFTER OFF-LOADING and no later than 10:00 a.m.

6. Cooks and assistants will be allowed to prep ingredients/jambalaya prior to the Cook’s Meeting and the cook-off. Judging officially begins at (12:00 p.m.) noon.

7. Teams must supply their own tents, stoves, pots, utensils, ingredients, extra tables and any material for space.
Electricity will be available, however NO GAS TANKS OF ANY TYPE WILL BE ALLOWED UNDER THE TENTS,
so bring sufficient tank hose to run/reach outside [behind] each cooking area.

8. Each team will be provided a space of approximately 19’ x 32’ (equivalent to 4 parking spaces) for their cooking area.
Spaces will be assigned and teams will receive  their space numbers at the Judges’ Tent at check-in [8:00- 10:00 a.m.].
Each team will receive two 8-foot tables for their space.

9. Each team must cook a minimum of one (1) gallon of jambalaya. 
A minimum of five (5) bowls of each team’s jambalaya will be delivered to Judges’ area at exact time listed on individual team’s Judging Slip. 

10. Each team receives five (5) badges (including the Captain’s badge) at check-in time. ONLY THOSE WITH OFFICIAL BADGES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE COOKING AREA (behind the table) AND TO PARTICIPATE IN TEAM ACTIVITIES.

11. Each team will be assigned a Team Number by the Contest Manager and be given officially numbered bowls for judging samples. All teams must ensure that the # on each bowl matches their team’s secret judging #. 

12. Decorations are permitted; however, all teams are instructed to respect spectators/ visitors/other contestants and their walkway/views and tables must not be moved into walkway. There is no showmanship judging.

13. The decision of the Judges is FINAL and will be announced from the Main Stage.

14. NO misconduct will be tolerated. Disqualification from the Cook-Off and immediate expulsion from the Event area is the penalty for teams failing to comply with general and proper behavior, and good sportsmanship.

15. Alcoholic beverages will be sold during the event. ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED on the premises. NO PETS allowed!

16. Garbage bags and boxes will be furnished – please use them. Each team is responsible for clean-up of their area and removal of everything brought onto the Festival property when the Cook-Off is completed (no later than 1:00).

17. Teams may NOT give away or sell product/food/beverages to spectators. This is a Health Department Rule!

18. The entry fee of $150.00 is non-refundable and must be paid in full upon each team's completion and delivery of their Entry Application to the Dorothy Day House for valid entry into the Battle for the Paddle contest and assignment of cooking space and team number.

ARRIVE: 8:00 a.m.
DATE: Saturday, May 5, 2018
PLACE: Tiger Lane