"Harder than you can imagine..." September 2018 ENews

Getting a job is difficult. Statistics say that there are thousands of open positions in the Memphis area but getting a job is difficult.

"Here....take this job....the hours are 5:00 am 'til 3:00 pm."

     "That won't work. I need childcare and the daycare doesn't open
      until 6:00 am."

"Here's a job....you can work hours that match your children's school schedule....the pay is $9.00 an hour."     "Sorry, I'm looking for a salary will provide for me and my children. I
      can't get a decent apartment on $9.00 an hour."
Yes, getting a job is difficult, especially for those who do not have the skills needed or a car or the support system to help with childcare. At the Dorothy Day House, we are ALWAYS looking for jobs for our residents.

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“Harder than you can imagine…”

We're Open!"....August 2018 ENews

For many years, the DDH has wanted to launch a business that could employ some of our residents.  It seemed like an impossible dream until Tracy Burgess, our Development and Communications Director, and her husband, Josh, began talking about opening a bakery.  With the encouragement and support of many people, Lucy J's Bakery gradually took shape and and began operating at a kiosk in Crosstown Concourse in February 2018.

Now, after months of construction and lots of work behind the scenes, we are happy to announce that Lucy J's Bakery is open for business in its permanent location near the West Atrium in Crosstown Concourse….

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"Fourteen and Counting..." July 2018 ENews

"Fourteen and Counting..." July 2018 ENews

“Fourteen and counting…”

Now that we have opened a second house at 1178 Peabody (Loretta's House), we are serving six families at a time...three in each house. The adjustment has gone very smoothly and one of the wonderful surprises is that we are now enjoying a total of fourteen children. We love seeing their excitement (and exhaustion) when they get home from daycare and summer camp each day. And watching the little ones cuddle with their moms gives us a special sense of why the Dorothy Day House exists.

The sense of "home" is important to all of us and we are happy that our children feel comfortable and loved in the DDH. In years to come we hope they remember their time of homelessness as a time of real security and joy.

Our special thanks to all the volunteers who have recently helped with childcare, transportation, special outings for the children and school supplies. You are a big part of what makes the Dorothy Day House so unique!

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Day by Day...From our Executive Director


"Joy and Sadness, too."

Nothing can quite match the joy we feel when a family moves out of the Dorothy Day House and into their own home again.  After months and months of struggle, the parents and children feel like there is space in their being for new hope and new dreams.  We all rejoice!

Of course, there is always a tinge of sadness when a family moves, too. The staff and volunteers have built relationships with the children and parents. We have invested ourselves in making sure that every day is a better day for them.  And then they are gone.

Happily, most of our families choose to stay in touch with us. They text us, send pictures, stop by for visits....and we are always glad to see their continuing success. 

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