"Harder than you can imagine..." September 2018 ENews

Getting a job is difficult. Statistics say that there are thousands of open positions in the Memphis area but getting a job is difficult.

"Here....take this job....the hours are 5:00 am 'til 3:00 pm."

     "That won't work. I need childcare and the daycare doesn't open
      until 6:00 am."

"Here's a job....you can work hours that match your children's school schedule....the pay is $9.00 an hour."     "Sorry, I'm looking for a salary will provide for me and my children. I
      can't get a decent apartment on $9.00 an hour."
Yes, getting a job is difficult, especially for those who do not have the skills needed or a car or the support system to help with childcare. At the Dorothy Day House, we are ALWAYS looking for jobs for our residents.

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“Harder than you can imagine…”