Day by Day...What are your Choices?

Most of us make a million choices each day. What coat shall I wear?  What do I want to eat for breakfast?  How can I make my work day more enjoyable?  Where shall I eat lunch?  What should I do for exercise after work?  When can I take my vacation? Where should I go?

Working with the poor has made me more aware of how few choices they have.  It is not unusual for one of our adult women to tell me that she doesn't know what size she wears.  Most of our women have always worn donated clothes and shoes.  They don't get to choose the color, fabric or even size of their clothes. A poor woman might rely on food stamps and be limited on what she can buy because she has to stretch those dollars as far as they will possibly go.  Diapers?  Most poor mothers have no choice of brand....they use what they can get cheaply or for free and they stretch them as far as possible, sometimes to the discomfort of their babies.  Eating out for lunch?  That's not even a possibility for those who save every penny for basic necessities.  Vacation?  Outside the realm of possibility for the poor.

Choice is something you and I take for granted every day. 

Did you realize that the poor often don't have a choice?