Day by Day...Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Over the past month, we have talked to a number of DDH visitors about our expansion plans.   As they looked at the posted pictures of the four houses we hope to buy, their reactions have been varied:

"How exciting!"

"How in the world is that possible?"

"Isn't that too ambitious?"

"Let me know what I can do to help."

"How can you do that?"

We have those same reactions (all of them!) nearly everyday!  At moments, our plans seem absurd...and at other moments, they make perfect sense.

We know that we had those same reactions back in 2004 when we first began to talk about a transitional home...a ministry created with the charism of Dorothy Day in mind.  The dream seemed too big; the venture seemed like an impossibility.  And yet here we are, ten years later, celebrating a ministry to homeless families and grateful for where we have come.

Reaching this moment in time has only been possible through God's grace and the hundreds of people who have walked the journey with us.  It is those two things that will make our new dream possible!

How can you help? 

Please introduce your family, friends and co-workers to the DDH.  Tell them about our outreach to homeless us grow our network of supporters.

Pray for us.  We have a saying posted next to the pictures of the four houses.  It says, "Let your faith be stronger than your fear." That's a real challenge, but one we must face every day.

If this new dream is going to come true, we need your support and prayer!

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