Day by Day...What are your Choices?

Most of us make a million choices each day. What coat shall I wear?  What do I want to eat for breakfast?  How can I make my work day more enjoyable?  Where shall I eat lunch?  What should I do for exercise after work?  When can I take my vacation? Where should I go?

Working with the poor has made me more aware of how few choices they have.  It is not unusual for one of our adult women to tell me that she doesn't know what size she wears.  Most of our women have always worn donated clothes and shoes.  They don't get to choose the color, fabric or even size of their clothes. A poor woman might rely on food stamps and be limited on what she can buy because she has to stretch those dollars as far as they will possibly go.  Diapers?  Most poor mothers have no choice of brand....they use what they can get cheaply or for free and they stretch them as far as possible, sometimes to the discomfort of their babies.  Eating out for lunch?  That's not even a possibility for those who save every penny for basic necessities.  Vacation?  Outside the realm of possibility for the poor.

Choice is something you and I take for granted every day. 

Did you realize that the poor often don't have a choice?

Day by Day...What Happens When You Plant and Water?

St. Francis de Sales once said, "After we have planted and watered, it is up to God to make things grow."   That phrase keeps coming back to me as I watch all that is happening at the Dorothy Day House right now.  We have been planting and watering for over ten years and now new growth is all around us.
 We hope you enjoy this eNewsletter.  Thank you for partnering with God to make all this growth happen.

Day by Day...Homeless Not Hopeless

Life in the Dorothy Day House is pretty much like life in your home. There are meals to cook, clothes to wash, children to soothe, and laughter on a regular basis.  But I think the Dorothy Day House is special because hope lives in this house.

Yes, hope that life will soon be better...hope that the new job will work out...hope that the children will feel safe and secure...hope that tomorrow will bring good news...hope that an old debt will finally be put to rest...hope that overwhelming stress and anxiety will fade away.

And we rejoice when that hope comes to fruition.  What a joy it is to see a young parent begin to feel confident about his budgeting skills.  What smiles erupt when the date is set for a family to move to their own apartment.  What pride there is when a driver's license is restored and when a dream of a better education comes into view.

Hope is what the Dorothy Day House is all about. We cannot make our families wealthy, we cannot make the struggles of life simple for them, we cannot make them immune to ordinary family traumas.  What we can do is give them hope.  Hope that gives them the courage to work for a better tomorrow.  Hope that supports them when disappointment comes their way.  Hope that sweeps homelessness out of their lives forever.

Thanks to all who help nourish hope in the DDH by your presence or by your donations. You are changing lives through hope!

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Day by Day...Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Over the past month, we have talked to a number of DDH visitors about our expansion plans.   As they looked at the posted pictures of the four houses we hope to buy, their reactions have been varied:

"How exciting!"

"How in the world is that possible?"

"Isn't that too ambitious?"

"Let me know what I can do to help."

"How can you do that?"

We have those same reactions (all of them!) nearly everyday!  At moments, our plans seem absurd...and at other moments, they make perfect sense.

We know that we had those same reactions back in 2004 when we first began to talk about a transitional home...a ministry created with the charism of Dorothy Day in mind.  The dream seemed too big; the venture seemed like an impossibility.  And yet here we are, ten years later, celebrating a ministry to homeless families and grateful for where we have come.

Reaching this moment in time has only been possible through God's grace and the hundreds of people who have walked the journey with us.  It is those two things that will make our new dream possible!

How can you help? 

Please introduce your family, friends and co-workers to the DDH.  Tell them about our outreach to homeless us grow our network of supporters.

Pray for us.  We have a saying posted next to the pictures of the four houses.  It says, "Let your faith be stronger than your fear." That's a real challenge, but one we must face every day.

If this new dream is going to come true, we need your support and prayer!

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