Day by Day...My Heart Wept

It was 34 degrees in Memphis with the temperatures at night dropping down to the teens. That fact was rumbling through my head when I took a phone call from a woman who was looking for shelter for herself and her four children.

Although we do not have any bedroom space available right now, I asked her their ages and sex so I could offer other shelters who might help her.  She said, "They are all boys...ages 14, 12, 11,and 10."   She went on to say, "I have called all over town and when I tell them I have all boys, they tell me they can't help me."   She went on to say that they have been staying in a motel but had to be out by 11:00 this morning. They had no where to go.

My heart wept for her and her children.  I don't know the full story of their homelessness, but no matter what circumstances brought them to this minute, they do not deserve to be without shelter in this frigid weather.  I could not take them into the DDH, but we paid for a few nights in a hotel for them and provided them with food, clothing and a few games for the boys.

It is calls like that one that keep me going. There are so many families who have no where to turn and although the Dorothy Day House can only help a few families at a time, I hope that our work will raise awareness of the hundreds of homeless families who need help everyday.

Your support and your donations allowed me to give this mother and her four boys some hope. Thank you for reaching out to her through us.

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