"We've begun!" July eNews

We've begun! The renovation at 1161 Peabody (Joseph's House) officially started on Monday, July 8th.

From our vantage point at 1178 Peabody (Loretta's House), we been watching the roofers finish their work and have seen the demolition crew throw debris into the dumpster on site. Multiple workers are busy inside and others have removed the overgrown shrubs from the front of the house. Gradually, the transformation is happening.


Projects like this one are always a bit scary. We wonder about what could go wrong.....what surprises are behind the walls and under the floors. In those moments, I give thanks for Montgomery Martin Contractors, Inc. and especially their employees who are watching over this project, Will Clark and Matt Perry. These men, with Mike Watermeier, our liaison, guided us carefully and successfully through the renovation of 1178 Peabody. We know that they will do it again.

So, as you drive down Peabody, keep an eye on our newest house.....and pray for the residents who will live there in the years to come.

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"In shambles..." June eNews

“In shambles…”

As I walk through our new property at 1161 Peabody, I see a house in shambles. It was used by the previous owner for storage for years and maintenance was at a minimum. The floors, the walls, the woodwork, the windows, even the exterior walls need extensive repair. It will be a big job, but we can make it a third Dorothy Day House if we are willing to put in the time, the work, the money and the prayer.

We know we can make it beautiful again.

Images from Joseph’s House, opening in early 2020.

Images from Joseph’s House, opening in early 2020.

And as I think about that house, I also think about the families who are in our care. They, too, come to us in shambles. Often they have no job, no car, no support system, not enough education, only minimal resources and burdened with hopelessness and depression. Getting them on their feet is a big job...often one that seems impossible at the beginning. But we know from experience that we can make life good for them again. It always takes their determination, our work, your support and some prayer. That combination makes all things possible.

Thank you for being part of the transformations that are happening at the Dorothy Day House!

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“Coming Into Focus”…February 2019 ENews


“Coming Into Focus”

We recently discovered that one of our DDH children, a kindergartner, was having trouble with his vision. He was referred by his teachers to the school system for special vision testing. He failed that vision test and the tester encouraged his mom to take him to an optometrist for further testing. The optometrist told her that nothing was wrong with his eyes!

Of course we were befuddled and hardly knew what to think. After looking at the little boy's insurance, we realized that he would have to wait another six months before he could be tested again. Knowing that he needed more immediate attention, we took him to another optometrist and the Dorothy Day House paid for the examination. That examination revealed a problem and he was sent to get glasses.

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"Just a blur..." January 2019 ENews

The past several months have been a blur at the Dorothy Day House.

Staff members worked on wreath sales, provided Christmas for 31 families,  processed hundreds of financial and in-kind donations,  sent Christmas honorariums, moved a family out of the DDH, cared for seven additional families and  continued to attend to countless other responsibilities.  
What a happy problem!

We are amazed again and again at the generosity of those who support us in a million different ways and we are growing in excitement as we approach the start of renovations on our third house.  You are making miracles happen.....bless you!
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