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How to Become a Sponsor

The Dorothy Day House helps provide Christmas gifts for 30 families who would not otherwise be able to provide presents for themselves. This year, we are looking for sponsors for 125 wish lists. Once you sign up, we will send you a wish list with the gender, age, favorite colors, sizes for clothes, and wishes for presents. You can go shopping anywhere you please and drop off the presents and wish list at the Dorothy Day House on December 16th. We will distribute gifts to all the families.

This program is important to us because it allows us to stay in contact with the families we have worked with here at the Dorothy Day House. Our Staff is able to check in on them and know that they will have gifts for their children..

Thanks to our generous donors, the 2018 DDH Christmas Gift Program was able to provide gifts for 121 people last year. Will you help us to serve DDH families this year?

  1. Sign up by using the button below to send us an email.

  2. Sponsors will be sent a wish list for a child or adult in early November. We ask that you spend a total of about $100 on 5 gifts, per wish list. Limiting each wish list to five gifts helps assure that each family member gets the same number of gifts. (If you would like to buy more gifts, please sign up for an additional person.)

  3. Delivery Date: December 16th 9:00 am-4:00 pm, Please deliver the gifts to The Dorothy Day House on this date. Gifts will be sorted and then distributed to families on December 18th and 19th.

    Delivery instructions: Please deliver the presents for a entire wish list in 1 large opaque plastic bag, unwrapped. Affix the wish list to the outside of the bag.



  1. Can I sponsor more than one wish list?

    • Yes, just let us know in the email how many wish lists you are willing to sponsor.

  2. Can more than one person sponsor a wish list together?

    • Yes definitely. Consider asking a friend, your office, or a civic group you are part of to sponsor a wish list together.

  3. Can I sponsor a whole family?

    • Sure, just let us know the number of people you are willing to sponsor and we will see if we can match you with a whole family.

  4. Do I get to meet the child or person I am sponsoring?

    • Due to the large volume of wish lists, it is not possible to set up meeting with each family and their donors. If you want direct interaction with the families that we serve, consider signing up to be a volunteer or bringing a Sunday Night Meal. Check out our Volunteer Opportunities Page for more info.

  5. Do I wrap the presents?

    • We ask that you do not wrap the presents. You are welcome to include wrapping supplies in the bag so that the parents may wrap the gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

  6. When do I deliver the presents?

    • December 16th from 9:00am - 4:00pm at 1429 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38104